Ageing Unit (AVU)


Digatron Systems AVU, Cell Ageing Unit, is an automatic pouch cell ageing equipment, designed for the production of lithium cells. The machine is designed to store lithium cells at controlled temperature. The ageing cycle is completely automatic. The operator manually loads and unloads the cartridges containing the cells. This unit can be equipped with several type of cartridges, suitable to process different type of cells, such as pouch, cylindrical and hard case prismatic. Digatron Systems AVU can be equipped with optional components like smoke detectors and CO2 extinguishing system.


Power supply AC input400V 3ph+N 50Hz (others on request)
Compressed air8 Nl/m at 0,6 MPa – 1⁄2”
Number of cells per unitup to 48
Ageing temperature+20°C + 50°C (+/-2°C)
Dimensions (WxDxH)1570 x 1320 x 2100 mm
Weight1230 Kg