Pouch Sealing Unit (PSU)


Digatron Systems PSU, Pouch Sealing Unit, is an automatic pouch cell heat-sealing machine designed for the production of lithium cells. The machine is designed to heat-seal the cell on three sides, leaving the gas pouch side open for the next filling step. The operator manually loads the machine with the cell to be processed, positioned between the two blisters.
The process is automatic. The cell is transferred to a trimming station where the pouch edges can be trimmed according the cell design. After trimming, the cell is moved to the tab side sealing station and heat-sealed, then is positioned at the next sealing station where the remaining open sides are heat-sealed automatically. Sealing temperature, time and pressure can be set on the machine HMI panel.


Power supply AC input400V 3ph+N 50Hz (others on request)
Power supply20 A max
Compressed air10 Nl/m at 0,6 MPa – 1⁄2”
Weight700 Kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)1570 x 970 x 2100 mm


Length320 Max
Width320 Max
Thickness3.0 - 15.0